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You people make me sick.

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We don't make fun of every letter we get. Then again, Cory hasn't drank every bottle of scotch on the planet either. We don't know where we are going with this analogy, but someone has to do the work around here.

Hi mom!

Current Letter: A rebuttal to a droning

And just so you think we're full of ourselves, here's some people who are full of it too and think this page is OK.

When Cory decided to start a letters page, he actually thought that he might get people who would want to correspond with him. The turth is, the people who visit this site are like the rest of the people on the internet. A bunch of passive losers who are scared to death of someone with wit, intelligence and the power of a massive website behind them.

Or you just have better things to do.

Anyway, here's what our fearless leader has to say about answering his mail:

I should have known that I would get mail after starting a web site. I had no idea it would be so insightful and well-reasoned, with titles to the missives like, "Fuck Your Website" and "If I Get Any More Of This E-mail, I Will Be Forced To Crash Your Hard Drive." While many of the letters I get I will answer in private to the person who sent them to me, and I thank those of you who have given me constructive advice on how to set up the site so that it looks the way I want it to. Thankfully, that advice was "give up and get someone who knows what the hell they are doing," which I have done. However, there are have been some letters that speak to broader concerns and I want to answer them here.

That and I like ripping people to bits in a public forum. That's why I love newsgroups. And yelling at strangers on the street. Is it MY fault the forget its a side- WALK and not a side - STAND THEIR FAT ASS IN THE WAY OF THE FLOW OF PEDESTRIANS SO THAT THEY CAN YELL AT THEIR KIDS MAKING ME LATE FOR THE DAMN BUS!

And no, I'm not giving out these people's addresses or printing the entire letters, because people have a tendency to repeat themselves ad nauseum. That's my job.

Oh, yeah, and bite me.

Old Mail:

Finally, Cory!! gets a stalker

A letter from someone questioning my integrity. Like I have any.

Rude Bastard #1

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