People who have lost their minds and like this site

Most of the praise I get here is based on specific topics I write about, and I've been hesitant to print it on the site. But, if it tricks you into thinking that people give a damn about what is said here, then have at thee!

I wrote a piece when I shut my website down for a week in response to the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack. It was mainly a way to put my thoughts into focus, and you can read it here. But some people thought it was a nice piece of writing.

Your commentary was extremely well thought out, and beautifully written.  Thank you for sharing your emotions with us, and for touching us through your words.

Thank you...but it was one of the few things I wrote without thinking at all. It was all emotion that rushed out after thinking about how fragile the world is, and how I have lost people for petty reasons.

Hey there, Cory!!.

Just wanted to drop a note by to say that I saw your message where the site usually resides, and I agree with you.  Here in Boston, which is proving to be as much a site of the crime as the targets, we're doing our best to let the government do their jobs, to stand united, and keep each other both informed and consoled.  It's hard going, and the only thing people can seem to talk about is how, where and how hard we should strike back.  Politically (and this is a major concession for me, since the last official political position I took was in the Cola Wars), I think that a retributive action must be taken.  And a strong one.  But I also believe that such things are for soldiers.  Here at home, we must not give in to hate and fear.  Support and caring are the only way through this.

Take care out there, and thanks for your insight and perspective.

This was from a regular reader and I'm just glad that my thoughts of keeping us from revenge and hatred hit a chord. I feel very strongly that our "Get the bastards" that is pervading our culture is exactly what the terrorists want from us. And I have never allowed myself to give bullies what they want.

Out of everything that I have read and heard on t.v, that was the most moving piece.......THANK YOU!!!

Again, you're welcome. I don't think I have even come close to the excellent writing I have read from people like Molly Ivans, Grant Morrison or the people on . Those are the people who know how to put words together far better than I ever will.

Good. Very, very good. Thanks, I needed that.

I think we all need to step back and see this in a meta-context. As I said in a later droning, this is the oldest battle of all, "Our God is better than your God" and deciding that we are going to be above it as citizens and push for our leaders to do the right thing is the best we can do. But first, love the people you care about more than anything.

   You always seem to say what I want to say, but better... I am growing so alarmed at ratcheting up of the rhetoric, and the glee with which we are calling this a war.

    I've got a feeling that this thing is really going to snowball, unless more people speak out and express themselves as well as you have done. When Bush declared that we wanted bin Laden "dead or alive", I couldn't believe my ears. Does that make us sound like a nation governed by the rule of law? The Taliban have asked for proof that bin Laden is implicated, and they will turn him over. Bushs' response: "We will not negotiate." 

    Don't even get me started on John Ashcroft, and his plans to rescind our civil rights.

    I'd like to forward  your email to our local newspaper (Newport Daily News, Newport RI), if that's OK with you, they are really beating the war drums up here.  I will delete the part about you being the best dressed man in comics, that may be waaaay too much information for them.

Then I take it my love of redheads won't be in there either? Seriously, the fact that someone thinks something I wrote is good enough for a newspaper makes up for the death threats, being called a traitor and other abuse you get when you question the Powers That Be.

Thank you all, and trust me, I wouldn't have even done this page if not for someone telling me I had better show that I appreciate my readers. But don't expect me to change anything else on the site, ya bastards.

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