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This site will soon be offering the complete novels excepted below in eBook format. Please let us know if there is a format the works better for you if you are interested in reading the novels.

The rest of the site is written in a humorus style as that is how most people find the site, but this is the TRUE heart and soul of the site. I started writing fiction at the age of 7, but you won't be subjected to that. On this page are some examples of the previous novels and short stories as well as a novel in progress. Thank you for reading this work, and if you have comments, please e-mail them to me.

The Most Recent Project

The 2004 NaNoWriMo Novel

The Other Recent Project

That New Radio Show

In the late 1940's, radio was giving way to television. As radio slowly moved out of its Golden Age, one show tried something new. For 5 years "That New Radio Show" entertained and shocked its audeince with a mix of humor, satire and irrelevance that had never been tried before. What was it like behind the scenes?

Writing a novel in a month!

The November Novel Project 2002

The November Novel Project 2003

The Stories

I also have a collection of short stories written as an  experiment, they are each exactly one hundred words long - I will do another block of them soon, since they seem to get a very nice response.

There are currently four Janus Trelane novels finished, and the fifth is currently being written. The new chapters are available by signing up for the Solitaire Rose Writings List. The first four have been available on the GEnie computer service, but GEnie is about as active as a Gary Coleman fan club meeting, so they are here. I am currently in the process of shipping them to various publishing houses and agents for a whole new set of rejection slips. If you’d like to read a sample chapter of each of them, all you have to do is click on the title.


Called to the city he left years ago, Janus Trelane finds himself working with a police detective who thinks that he’s a con artist trying to track down a killer. Can Janus discover who or what is doing before the city goes to hell? Literally.

Trouble At Home

A five year old girl is missing, and Janus Trelane has been called in by the local police to find her and her abductor. What starts as a missing child case quickly becomes far more deadly as Janus Trelane find himself trying to stop an ancient evil that wants to use him as a pawn.

Pocketful of Broken Mirrors

After a routine investigation in California, Janus Trelane finds himself in a mental ward with his memory wiped cleans. Have all of his adventures been part of a massive paranoid delusion, or is Janus at the mercy of a foe who can destroy more than just his memory?


The editor of the Midnight Star tabloid which chronicles Janus’s adventures is accused of the worst crime a father can commit. However, when Janus investigates, he discovers that the horrors of child abuse are just the tip of the iceberg. Can Janus track down an abuser who has stayed hidden in plain sight for over 150 years before he strikes again?

Walking Into Shadows Chapter One

Walking Into Shadows Chapter Two

Walking Into Shadows Interlude

Walking Into Shadows Chapter Three

Walking Into Shadows Chapter Four

This is the one currently being written. So if you want to read the whole thing, you'll have to patient. A brutal murder in the same alley Janus Trelane’s finacee was killed eight years ago is the first step in the plan of John Wyddian, the First Of The Vampires. Is he out to destroy Janus or does he have something worse in mind? In order to stop his plan, Janus must unravel the history of Wyddian before he himself become as part of it.



Janus Trelane shakes the hand of a man who will be dead by midnight.

I have also written other short stories that do not tie into the Janus Trelane novels which are available below.


A story about two people who answer the personals to have their needs met.

Night Visions

The Night Feel Over

2 attempts at erotica, these are for adults only as they focus on sexual themes.

Broken Toy Parts

A short story about a man cleaning the room of his only child, and the thoughts that go through it as he does.


A humorous short story about writing for the movies, getting paid too much money and knowing which battles to fight.

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