Yep, you did it. You have found one of the pages on this website that has what we consider adult content. That means we have to ask that if you aren't over 18, you click that back button on your browser or go somewhere else. Heaven only knows what would happen if this stuff got into the hands of someone who wasn't old enough to flunk out of a University or College. So please, if you are under 18, do us all a favor and look elsewhere on the site for entertainment and enlightenment.

And if you're looking for nude pictures, you haven't found them either, so scram. Beat it.

If you are over 18, below are the links for the stuff that we consider to be a bit more of an NC-17 nature.

Too bad we can't do this for IQs instead of age. It would cut down a LOT on the letters we get from people who either just don't get it, or think that it they quote enough Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and commentators from FOX News (We Dissemble, You Sit There With A Beer And Nod Your Fucking Head) I would just agree with them and shut the hell up.

I won't. EVER. Do that.

But I Digress.

Here are the links:

Night Visions: A first attempt at an erotic story by someone who has never put a sex scene in any of his fiction. So be gentle.

The Night Feels Over: A second try at erotica. A bit more into B&D for those who like that.

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