Whatever you say, Rush.

I found out that one of my peices had been forwarded to a mailing list that discussed the issues of the day in the context of what Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh have to say about them, and how some people just don't see the light of thier dual wisdom. You know, like people who think for themselves, have a bit of a grasp of history and question everything.

Or, as I like to think of it, exercising my right to free speech and dissent. Too bad that's considered Politically Incorrect now.

But let's go to the letter, and since it's my website, I get the last word.

This piece is full of faulty logic, circular reasoning and bad analogies. To wit:

Yeah, it had wit too. And let's see how well you write.

> > From: "solitairerose" <solitairerose@msn.com>
> > Got a choice between hate and love, death and saving
> > people, war and peace.

This is hippie nonsense, and an embarassing beginning to any serious

Hey kids, look! Someone got Cartman a computer! You forgot to call me a tree-hugging, granola eating fairy, so you had best get on the ball with your outdated analogies. By The Way, I'm a punk. I listen to The Clash, The Ramones and Killing Joke, not the Grateful Dead. Join the 70's, ya old bastard.

It seems to me that the U.S. didn't make the choice, the terrorist did. When they attacked us, our choices were limited.  The safety of its citizens is the primary responsibility of any legitimate government.  When hostile forces attacked and killed over 6,000 people on U.S. soil -- and promised to do more - we have no choice but to retaliate and destroy those that threaten our safety. 

Yep. And what I was saying in my essay was that we need to do so, but not bomb the people who had nothing to do with it. Kind of like how bin Laden hates our business leaders and government, and blew up buildings that had other people in them. When he does it, it's evil and when we do it, it's OK?

If your read the whole thing (which you admit you didn't do later in your letter) you'd see that I say we need to get the terrorists WITHOUT bombing cities WHERE THE TERRORISTS WON'T BE ANYWAY!!!

Diplomacy is not an option with an enemy that won't even admit to the act and admits that it's goal is to kill us all.  How do you negotiate with someone who claims that "they didn't do it"?  You can't reason with the unreasonable.

However, when the Taliban said they would turn bin Laden over if we gave them evidence, Bush said he wouldn't do it. Not only that, but there would be no negotiations and no questions. I'm not saying that they would be our buddies if we DID show them proof, but we didn't even try. And we here in America still haven't been given proof...has Iraq been cleared of this crime? Has bin Laden been working for Hussien? We don't know, now do we?

Blindly trusting our leaders has gotten us into horrible situations before, and doing the same now might be just as bad...but we don't know. They won't tell us. They just say to trust them. And the last 40 years should have shown us that when our Government says "Trust Us" you should worry. A lot. We were to trust them about Vietnam, Kennedy's assassination, that we didn't need to get involved in Sarajevo, medical experiments on black people in the 40's and 50's, the we coudl survive a nuclear blast if we duck and cover and that we would never sell weapons to terrorists in Iran...or train terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

I don't fucking trust the government to build roads without kickbacks and graft. And I have that right.

> I still hold this was not an attack on America as much
> as an attack on civilization.

So what?  Maybe he'd feel differently if he spent the last several weeks going to memorial services for friends and colleagues.  Perhaps he'd feel differently if the building he worked in for the past few years was fucking kamakazied by maniacs and he watched bodies plunge 90 stories to the ground.  Sorry, but IMO this was an attack on America AND civilization.  And I take it very personally.

I make that poiint because this is shown as an attack on America, forgetting the citizens of 60+ other countries. We do the world a disservice by acting unilaterally when what we do has effects in other countries. They strike Americans in all countries and don't care if they kill other citizens. So it should be a coordinated attack from ALL of the civilized world.

Also, I still ask the question, what can WE do? Your answer is to attack people with different viewpoints and looking for different solutions. My answer is to figure out why did they it so that we can stop future terrorists.

>  Part of being an American is to dissent, question and provoke, which
> > is why the First > Amendment of our Constitution is about being able
> to
> > speak freely.

Wrong. Part of being American is the **right** to dissent. It's NOT mandatory.  Knee jerk dissenters like this get their jollies by being contrarian and playing the role of "intellectual."  It is their nature to distrust the U.S. and empathize with the "aggrieved victim"... even if they are cold blooded war criminals.  If we left the course of human events to people like this, all of Europe would be speaking German right now.

When one can't win an arguement, one uses Nazi Germany to back up their arguement. And I don't trust anyone. Everyone has an agenda. Everyone has a reason we don't know about. If history hasn't taught you that, you need to study it a bit more. Oh, and to use your tired Nazi analogy, if we trusted the business leaders and government of the 30's, we'd have been best pals with the Nazis. You forget, Henry Ford and Hitler were best of palks...because Nazi Germany knew how to do business.

Hey, if you can do it, so can I.

I will dissent. I will not trust those who say they have my best interests at heart. Those who serve their country best do so by questioning it.


Just because you understand why someone does something is NOT approving it. It is the first step to stopping those with the same feelings. We have had Arab terrorists who hate us and kill our citizens long before bin Laden, and when we strike one down (which we always fail to do for some reason *waves at Quadaffi and Saddam Hussien*) another one pops up to take their place because we haven't figured out WHY they hate us.

So. To make it clear to you. They Hate Us Because We Don't Understand Why They Hate Us.

> try and imagine that people in Ireland have put up with this for
> decades.  They
> don't have fancy graphics or 6 news networks to name it for them, so
> they just call it "The Troubles."  Israel has dealt with it on a near
> daily
> basis since their inception.  The Palestinians deal with it daily
> under the guise of "military actions".  Other countries do as well,
> the Congo, El
> > Salvador, Indonesia, Peru, the Philippines just to name a few

WHAT'S THE POINT?  Is this supposed to make it less tragic or more
okay?  Less of an abomination?  When is the last time 6,000 people were
butchered in 45 minutes?  Is this how you would console the family of a
murder victim?  "Hey lot's of other people have been murdered before."

No. I was pointing out that we are wallowing in grief that has become obscene. When Ford ads say the best way to get America over the tragedy is 0% financing, our President says that a trip to the Mall is how to fight terrorism, and I get 15 e-mails to buy "American Flag Commemorative T-shirts" in a day, we're not grieving. We're sullying the deaths of 6000 innocent people to push our own agendas.

> > government to fight drugs.  We kind of forgot to
> > help the rebels there try to overthrow the Taliban, just like we
> kind of
> > forgot to help the Kurds overthrow Saddam Hussien in Iraq once we
> got the oil
> > flowing again. We do that, you know.  Tell people to rise up and
> take
> > back their freedom, then forget to help them do it because it might
> cost some

So, out of one side of his mouth -- our involvement around the world got us into this mess, and out of the other side, we didn't do enough...

So, you can't read. What I am saying is our half-assed, blundering, unthinking way of leaving things half done has consequences. Besides, it explains why they hate us and don't believe a damn thing our leaders say. And why I don't trust them.

> > We wouldn't get the terrorists anyway; they aren't
> > as dumb as our criminals are.

Yes we could, and we will.  Unfortunately, Clinton devoted little more than lip service.  Bush will get the job done.  Yes, they are crafty, but we are smarter.

And that's why we are going to bomb their cities. When they don't live in cities. Why they were able to pull this off, even though we had taps on their phones. I think it's pretty arrogant to go into this without thinking about the fact that they were able to do this because we were fat and lazy. We trusted our security to people making minimum wage and were too busy having our FBI and CIA people stop drugs than terrorists.

And the Clinton bashing comes out...Bush said it was time to get back to business, and I forgot that for some people, Hating Clinton is thier business. If you want to blame someone about their "Lip Service" how about Reagan who spent our money to TRAIN THIS WORTHLESS RAT-FUCK! OR BUSH'S DAD WHO KEPT FUNDING HIM.

I would look at how we have dealt with Middle East terrorists and wonder where your faith in our abilty is, since they are all still around and in power. But that makes me a bastard, doesn't it. Because I speak truth to power.

>  He also declared war on anyone who is the US's allies, we just didn't
> > pay any attention to his declaration.  Sure, he blew up a couple of
> > embassies, but they were in

But whose fault is this?  The peoples?  Or the administration that didn't LEAD?  The people or the media does not set foreign policy. That's what LEADERS are supposed to do.

No. It was the fault of US who freak out when soldiers die and our leaders who listen to us.

>  > So, we're going to blow up innocent people in
> >apartment buildings and hospitals and the like...but we won't call
> them
> > innocent people, we'll call them "Collateral Damage".

Yes, but certainly not INTENTIONALLY.  This is what happens in wars. And it happens more frequently when the enemy INTENTIONALLY uses civilians as shields.  Wake up.  This will get ugly because they will certainly parade dead innocents in front of the CNN cameras.  But it is WAR, and the costs are too high to lose.  The weak stomachs among us will protest and call the US Government baby killers, etc.  WAKE UP... the enemy is USING YOU!!

Oh yeah. Wishing bin Ladin to be anally raped in prison is exactly what he wants. He can't wait to get rammed up the butt by Tiny.

Not intentionally...then maybe we need to start doing what I said we should do...sneak in there, get the bastard and bring him here, rather than drop bombs on cities that the terrorists aren't in. Since bombing cities worked so well in Vietnam, Iraq and all...

> > Going to war isn't justice, it's a bunch of Bushies
> > playing Gulf War again since they all got so famous the last time.

Now he's showing his true colors.  It's sickening that someone could despise Bush so much that it would color his perception of an event that should be so black and white to ALL CIVILIZED people.

You're right. I should trust the people who gave us the Gulf Wart to get things done. Since we were able to wipe out Hussien and lead the people of Iraq to freedom after Bush told them we'd support and help them.

History. It's not even ancient. Learn it. It helps.

> > Isn't it time we dropped
> > them into the places these terrorists are and had
> > them bring the bastards back here for trial?

Maybe we will.  Nothing has even happened and your already sure that Bush, etc will do wrong.  Again, his prejudices are showing.

Well, since they have said we are going to war, I'm taking tham at their word. How stupid of me. I should have known they would be lying to us.

Wait...if I say they are lying, I'm wrong too. Ghods, I am so confused by your impeccable logic.

> > And didn't we declare "War" on drugs,
> > poverty, AIDS, Cancer, school violence,

What a dumb analogy.  You can't compare trying to change the human condition to a literal war against an enemy.

So. You're agreed that it's a dumb analogy. Good. Tell our leaders to quit using it. Since that was my fucking point.

> > Trust me.  We are so far removed from war that we
> > can't grasp it anymore.

I got a little taste of it 3 weeks ago, pal.  Wish you were there.

That wasn't war. That was terrorism. War is much different. And we haven't had one in over 30 years.

Sorry... it just drones on from this point with no cogent or consistant message.  I'm sick to my stomach and don't want to go on.

Thank Ghod. Maybe you won't post it to your stupid little list in violation of my copyrights to try me in absentia and misunderstand what was written.

But that's OK. I don't expect a lot of people to agree with me. I might even be wrong. But I do know one thing...if the Bush team handles this as well as our government has handled terrorism in the past, we're in for a lot worse. Do I hate Bush? Naw. I think he's a nice little puppet of our business leaders and is in way out of his depth. Just look at how he wandered around behind his desk like a schoolkid who's an hour late for his ritalin during his "conference call" to the Mayor and Governor of New York. But we'll see. Maybe we will be able to end this without killing more innocents.

Because if we don't, we're going to have a lot of people converted to bin Laden's beliefs. Which is exactly what he planned.

He wasn't done yet

I found out that this little diatribe (and a few others that were written in such a way that I thought the illiterate or Web TV owners had found my website. I sent a message that was professional and to the point to everyone who had sent letters to me like:

YOu r a moron, we need to kill all the arabs now! Commie!


Who gave you the right to spew this drivel. You and your hippie friends should just shut up!

That read:

I am not on the off-topic list and do not appreciate you trying me in absentia there.

Do not forward my writing there again.  It is copyrighted material and you do not have permission to do so as I sell it to websites and do not allow people to post it to groups that I am not a part of.

Thank you for no longer violating my copyright.

I was then sent a letter back WITHIN MINUTES (nice life you have, buddy, that you have nothing to do but argue with people you don't know)

I did not forward your pointless, directionless drivel to the off-topic list.

But you felt compelled to write your silly little letter...

Someone else did.  I simply responded to his forward, and I cc'd you.

Gee, thanks. It's nice to know that something I write can irritate people who didn't pass the IQ requirement to get into my site.

I could give a fuck about your copyright or your psuedo-intellectual (read: moronic and naive) opinions.  Shove 'em up your ass. 

And to direct me to shove them up my ass is so much more intelligent. And for a guy who ever-so loves the capitalist system (which is all about owning things) you don't seem to care about what I own. Which is typical of the kind of people I find cdisgusting. What's theirs is there and you had better not mess with it, but what you have doesn't really matter a whole lot. Also, I see my polite, businesslike letter got you to use the word Fuck first. Nice manners. Do you e-mail your mom with that hand?

If you continue to distribute opinions publicly, you will be publicly criticized.  I could care less that you are in absentia.

But you don't like when I reply to you and refute your points, I see. And you don't seem to care less about much of anything but being an abusive ass-clown. The rest fo the letter was personal information about him...and no, I won't give it to you. He has to live inside his own head...that's punishment enough.

Now, when confronted with people like this, I did what I have found pisses people off more than anything. I was achingly polite in my response

And you keep forwarding this to the off topic group.  Guess your ego needs the boost, so I will comply and give you what you so desperately need.

You have enlightened me beyond comprehension.  From now on I will question nothing and accept everything.  My leaders love me and will take care of me as if I was their own child.  I feel the deep abiding love of those who make money off of me and will live in the bosom of their caring.

Much Love.

Notice that after I answered his "issues" he resorted to name calling. Not once did I resort to that in the response to him. I save that for you, my loving readers. And he wrote back, of course, since he obviously has nothing better to do.

So, here's his last letter and my final response. He may have written a few more times, but I blocked his addy, so he doesn't get to pester me anymore. But it was nice to get the viewpoint of people that make me question why I interact with other human beings. Sweet Jumping Jesus on a trampolene. If these are the kind of people out there in the world, is it any wonder I spend my time on the Solitaire Rose Compound surrounded by bottles of Scotch, attack llamas and a big supply of pictures of Tina Yothers to remind me of the horror that exists outside the heavily fortified walls?

I'm the National Marketing and Advertising Director for Marsh Financial Services -- a national firm specializing in investment vehicles for affluent Individuals.  I'll buy and sell your pathetic fat ass 5 times over, fuckface.

And the money has made you a charming and delightful person.  I guess they are wrong, money does cure all personality problems.  I also find it very interesting you have decided to delve into my life and background when I have done nothing but told you to leave me alone.  For someone so busy and powerful, you spend an awful lot of time dealing with a poor artist you refer to in terms used for slaves.

Money is not my God.  Therefore buying and selling me is not possible, nor even advisable as I do not take well to masters.  Your titles do as little to impress me as anything I might say would impress you.  We live in different worlds, and any sort of communication is not possible, as you have already descended into calling me a "fuckface" and a Hitler appeaser, so I think that intelligent dialogue is not part of your investment portfolio. As for "refuting your arguments"...all it would do is further inflame your ire, and I don't wish to do so.  You already seem very high-strung and stressed, and I would not want to add to that.  I wish you nothing but happiness and calm.

You have been blocked, so continue to try me in absentia if it is how you spend your precious time on this fragile planet, but your future screeds will not make it to my mailbox, but will instead wait in the internet either until such a time as the server sees fit to delete them.  But keep using me as your punching bag.  I would never wish to deprive someone of their straw man.

Much love.

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