People Cory Tolerates On An Occasional Basis

Cory allows people to be listed here, and you could be as well, but nothing in the world is free. In preparation for his career as a politician, Cory said that if people wanted to be listed here, they much bribe him. So, below is their website, a brief write up and their bribe in green. If you want your link on this site, Cory says to make with the graft, pallie!

And the Number One Link is....

Joe Rider is the guy who owns Hot Comics St. Paul, and gives our corporation a discount on things. He used to have a shop, but now simply has a page on eBay where he hawks his wares. So go there and buy something. You may be saying "hey how did he get his banner placed here", well folks lets just say my discount gets better and better every day.

Joe says:Be sure to mention that if they say they saw it on your site, I'll give you something. Most often a smack in the head or a chair shot, but sometimes pictures of naked redheads. And if I have to bride you, let me know. I'd prefer blackmail, but you have standards to set.

The Blue Moon Diary of a Southern Girl is another site that has offered us a bribe recently, however, her bribe wasn't as good, so she's got to come in at number 2. Her site is a nice looking site of poetry (even though we hate poetry here...Cory was able to read it without blood shooting out of his eyes, which means it's good) and some nacent art that shows some promise, and shows she should really concentrate on it. There is also a highly personal diary that goes into a number of topics that none of us here would even talk about in the mirror, let alone on the internet. Fascinating reading, and it won a ton of awards so she must be doing something right.

Princess Kathryn-Nate says she'll give Cory:

1> A neverending supply on yummy yummy poptarts.
2> One waffle from waffle house.
3> a can of whipped cream to do as you please with.

Cory Says: She would have won if she would have included a trip the INTERNATIONAL House of Pancakes. Too late now, though, as I won't ever see a trip to the IHOP as anything but a cruel ploy to separate me from my wallet.

Mary Ciccoppiano gave Cory!! a very good bribe and had the number one slot for a while, but even Michael Jordon left basketball after a while. OK, that has nothign to do with anything, but she has a webpage of quotes from the comic "Poison Elves." She likes that comic and Cory!! thinks it is a lame knock-off of the first 25 issues of Cerebus. However, her bribe was a good one, so go see her site and tell her we sent you. And tell her that we haven't heard form her in a couple of months and wonder if she's come to her senses and no longer frequents the internet.

Mary says: To bribe you to make a link to my site I will promise the following things...

1. All expenses paid dinner with David Lynch. I'll have had him drugged earlier in the evening so that he will be able to withstand your droning, whiny, conversation and bitching about publishers, insurance companies, red-heads, blah blah.

2. In addition I will provide the phone number, address, and astrological sign of the red-head whom you met oh-so-briefly at the Neil Gaiman signing who was far more interested in Neil Gaiman than you...

3. I'll also drug her...

4. ...So that she'll go on vacation to New Orleans with you...

Keith R. A. DeCandido is a person Cory!! knew from back when GEnie was an on-line service that had people on it. Those were also the days when Cory would actually spend tiome at his computer instead of yelling at people and telling them to do his work for him. We think it's the booze, drugs and lack of sex talking, but it could be that he's naturally a bastard.

Anyway, Keith’s an editor, prose writer, comic book writer, humorist, a GOOD additon to the list of Star Trek novelists, and attempts to be as cynical as Cory!!. He fails, though. Everyone does. His site has a lot of stuff on it, and it will keep you busy for about a day and a half. He just barely got nudged out by Mary.

Keith says: I'll make you a character in my next Star Trek novel...and yes, I will put in your obsessive love of redheads.

Cory!! has been friends with Larry Stark for a kerjillion years, and he's also from GEnie. Yeah, back in the day when 2400 baud was considered top-of-line. Damn, Cory is old. Anyway, his website is about the theater. Cory only goes to theaters that feature movies, so he doesn’t know a whole lot about the stage, other than you get thrown out if you get on it. Visit his site and read his fiction, since he’s damn good.

Larry says: Well, since I expect to see my 134th play this year any day now, and expect to see lots more, and since reviewers are always offerred two comps, why don't I offer S. Rose esq. the OTHER Seats at all those shows through the year 2000 for my favorite curmudgeon to come and see and bitch about during the act-breaks.

But you've Got to wear The Cape.....

Foxcat Manor is an odd little personal site that connected to mine. We have no clue who this Jesse Heindl person is who runs the site, but they linked to our site, and he's never been on the FBI's Most Wanted list.  When we e-mailed him, he said that he found our site through a site that used to be associated with this one. He also said this one was better. A LOT better. And he's right. So he's not only smart, he has good taste, so go to his site and see if it's any good. We're still waiting for his database of the redheads he promised us, or he'd have a better position on the links page.  

Mapie has a very nice site filled with lots of links to funny sites. I know she sent us a bribe but it was before the crash of July, so it's gone, much like Cory's sanity and sense of self-worth. I have no clue how she found the site, but Cory says that her site doesn't suck as hard as most sites on the internet so she gets enshrined here. And, there is no poetry on her site, which is always a plus. It was a nice bribe if we recall properly, and she did put our banner on her site, so we'll give her a big, wet, sloppy kiss just as we promised.

David Watkins is a lousy rat-bastard who has too many damn sites and too damn much spare time to work on them. He can be funny once in a blue moon, but everyone who knows him feels that his best days are far behind him. He’s written comics, TV pilots and death threats to Betty White, and sometimes sends my news to a wider audience. Not often enough. He has a lot of sites, and the links are scattered throughout this description, but we don’t have a links to porn sites. You’ll have to e-mail him for that. He’s one sick, twisted bastard, and he doesn’t have a single nude photo of Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And he didn't bribe us but has the Weekly News Update on his site. So fuck him. Lousy rat bastard.

Everyone else who asked failed to give a decent bribe, so they need to get cracking.

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