Mystery Science Theater 3000
The Cover Letter Horror!

[Season 6 opening credits and theme song]


[SOL control room.]

[Not much can been seen for all of the plants obscuring the Control Room. We can see hint of the table, and the three buttons used to control the ship]

Mike: *just a voice* Hi everyone, I'm Mike Nelson and welcome to the Satellite of Love. I know it's kind of hard to tell that's where we are due to all the undergrowth. And over growth. And just plain too much growth. Just so you know, I have no idea where all these plants came from...they were here when I woke up. And I haven't' found anyone else on the Satellite either.

Tom: *also just a voice* There you are Mike. I wondered where you were hiding yourself.

Mike: I could hide myself anywhere and you wouldn't find me.

Crow: *also just a voice, but very far away* Marco!

Tom: Polo!

Mike: You mean you grew all of these plants to play Marco Polo?

Tom: Of course not. We grew all of these plants because Crow read a book about gardening, and wanted to try it last night.

Mike: But how did they all grow this big overnight?

Crow: *coming from the other side of the screen* Marco!

Tom: Polo! That would be the glowing stuff we found down in engine room marked "toxic". Shows what they know. Heh heh heh.

Crow: *closer and on the opposite side of the screen* Yeah, I thought it would kill the weeds so I would have a perfect crop of corn and tomatoes, but instead we got this.

Magic Voice: Commercial sign in 1 minute. Marco!

Tom and Crow: Polo!

Mike: You mean with all the movies we have seen over the years, you haven't learned that radioactive, toxic waste makes giant mutants out of normal things?

Tom: But you said all those movies were crap.

Crow: Yeah! As in "Why do we watch this crap", "what a piece of crap", "ouch, I have crap in my eyes"...

Mike: I guess you have me there...hoist on my own petard. Marco!

Magic Voice: Polo! Commercial sign!

[Mike's hand reaches out of the plants and hits the commercial sign button]

Mike: We'll be right back.


[SOL, with the desk covered in zucchini squash. Tom and Crow are both sporting safety goggles and weed wackers]

Mike:, you can't weed wack my pants and make them shorts.

Tom: What about your could have very colorful briefs.

[the light on the buttons is flashing]

Mike: Hold on, we're getting a call from the last surviving members of Wings.

[Deep 13, Dr. Forrester is working with a palm pilot while TV's Frank is reading to him from a calendar]

Frank: Then, on Wednesday, you are attending the symposium on evil in the workplace...

Dr. F: Mike. Toys. Good to see you. [looks perturbed] Why do you have zucchini all over my Satellite? More of the mutant plants gone wild?

[SOL, more zucchini everywhere]

Crow: That's what we thought to, but I guess that these babies just keep growing and growing.

Tom: That and I spliced them with tribble genes.

Crow and Mike: What?!?!?

Tom: You can always use more zucchini. You can have zucchini bread, put it in stir fry, make soup with it, use it for decorations...

[Deep 13]

Dr. F: I almost feel bad about having to run an experiment today, but my Palm Pilot says that I am scheduled too. And technology is never wrong.

[SOL, Tom is in the background the whole time, listing things to make with zucchini. Which now is about waist high on Mike]

Tom: Zucchini and ham sammiches, spread peanut butter on them and eat them raw, use them as lawn darts, put M80s in them to make a festive table decoration.

Mike: I think Tom's little demonstration here puts your theory into doubt.

[Deep 13]

Dr. F: You would think so...but you would be thinking wrong. Now, I don't have time for a movie, because I'm scheduled to use the bathroom in 15 minutes, so instead, here's a little slice of hell I got on the internet. A cover letter to someone's resume. Read it and thank whatever forces you see fit that YOU have secure jobs as my lab monkeys.

Frank: I thought *I* was your lab monkey.

Dr. F: You, Frank, are a lab rat. And you need to shave your head in 20 minutes, I'm scheduled to kill you by electricity at noon.

Frank: That's going to hurt.

[SOL, now shoulder high in zucchini, lights flashing and sirens blaring]

Tom: You can put eyes on it and call it a zucchini pet, or chop it up and add it to your cereal in the morning, or use it to clean dirty CDs...

Mike: Oh no, we've got Cover Letter Sign!!


[Mike and bots enter the theater.]

> ******** *. ********

Tom: Only the letters of this letter were changed to protect the innocent.

> 2425 E. ******** Ave.

Crow: I like that street. It has a great ****ing restaurant.

Mike: Protecting his privacy makes me think he's got a dirty name and lives on an obscene street.

Tom: Oh, **** you.

> Flat 201

Mike: Cool, he's from England, so he must have class.

> Minneapolis, MN 55406

Mike: Minneapolis? And he calls his apartment a flat? I smell trouble.

Crow: I smell Ren Fest. Jugglers. Fat women in low cut dresses. Crappy British accents. Leftover state fair food on a stick.

Tom: Movie stars...swimming pools. You all come back now, y'hear!

> Salutations and thanks for this opportunity to join your organization.

Crow: I wish to work with you in the 19th Century.

> Suffice this as my cover letter, introduction and tantalizingly brief
> writing sample as well. I hope to deliver here what small
> fraction of what I
> so have to offer. That said let indeed the introduction commence.

Mike: Let indeed? Let indeed?

Tom: I'm still puzzling out the use of commence outside of a high school graduation.

> I am your premier candidate for this position, from the
> skills residing here
> in my mortal frame to the heights of that which rests at the
> heart of my
> soul.

Tom: Is it too much to ask what job he's applying for here? Bell ringer at Notre Dame? Shakespeare interpreter? History professor?

Mike: It says here the position open is for executive assistant.

Tom: *spit take*

>For driven from there are we, and therein I do so
> believe the key does
> lie.

Crow: And driven from this letter are we, as the key doth lie beneath the Welcome mat.

>Certainly I feel that pulse within, the echoing nucleus
> of what has
> been variously termed quality-oriented, customer minded and
> results driven.

Mike: This guy probably takes 20 minutes to order a grilled cheese sandwich and fries.

Crow: I'm still catching up with the mixed metaphors...the pulsing nucleus of being result driven.

Tom: This sounds like a letter to one of the magazines under Mike's bed.

Mike: Yeah it's....wait a minute, what were you doing under my bed?

Tom: Looking for underpants.

Mike: Well then...hey! That's not much better!

> Utilizing my outstanding technical expertise, personable
> leadership as well
> as my demonstrated attention to detail I will bring to this
> position the
> people-focused reliable service above and beyond the common
> expectation.

Crow: Which is to use sentences without a whole lot of extraneous words.

Tom: This letter makes me yearn for the monotone taciturnness of Miles O'Keefe.

Mike: I would imagine this guy has SEEN most of Miles O'Keefe's movies.

> Passion and purpose so fused is the hallmark of what I bring,

Mike: Is he applying for a job, or asking to be someone's mistress?

Crow: At a lot of companies, there's not much difference. At least the position on the desk is the same.

>and the
> limitless future but awaits the superb realization of these twain
> characteristics.

Tom, Crow and Mike: *applauding* Superb....superb...

Tom: He used the word "twain" in a sentence. I fell cold....

Crow: Don't go toward the light, little buddy.

>Doubtless the inevitable reward of all these
> traits is what
> the future true does hold.

Crow: Endless hours of playing Dungeons and Dragons.

>Count me in as your go-to
> performer who knows how
> to rise above while still a grounded member of the greater
> team.

Mike: I'm not seeing a lot of being grounded in his prose so far.

>From the
> roots of education to the reaching branches of experience I am planted
> firmly in enthusiasm, capability and reliability.

Crow: To the leaves of unemployment, the walnuts of disappointment, the flowering of my depression and the twisted gnarled knotholes of lacking contact with the real world.

>Suffice as
> well to say I
> am more than adept in the way of words.

Tom: I smell the ever-present stink of a Ren Fest on this letter.

Mike: It can't be that bad. It's not like he thinks he's Edgar Allen Poe or anything.

>Avid learner through
> all my years,
> including those yet to come as I crave challenge evermore.

Tom and Mike: *scream*

Crow: Geez, for a adept in the way of words, he still hasn't figured out sentences need both nouns AND verbs.

Tom: Hold me, Mike.

Mike: Only if you hold me first.

> Presented thus I
> submit myself to the routine scrutinies, and to those I very much look
> forward to in person.

Crow: If he's asking us to check out his web site and rank him on Am I Hot Or Not, he's sorely mistaken.

Mike: That's not the only thing he's sorely mistaken about.

Tom: Would you two stop it! Sorely mistaken? The letter is infecting you! We've got to get out of here.


[SOL control room]

[Tom is dressed in Ren Fair garb, while Crow is sitting in a chair in a 3 piece suit]

Tom: Then we didst go forth and slay the Kraken, m'lord. You see now why I feel I am best for this job.

Crow: That's all very good, but how are you on Microsoft windows?

Tom: When I dost clean a window, all around dost yell Huzzah!

Mike: [Stepping into the frame] And so you see, when you work a Ren Fest, leave it at the campgrounds. Otherwise, this can happen to you. [the button flashes] Oh look, it's Frodo and Gandalf calling.

[Deep 13]

[In the background is a Ren Fest performer juggling in-between filing papers]

Dr. F: See, Nelsoni? You are a horrible judge of character. We DID hire this person, and he is working out fine.

Frank: And he's going to do a puppet show for us later.

[The Ren Fest guy starts singing the Monty Python Spam song to himself. Dr. F's expression changes to one of pure hatred as he turns.]

Dr. F: Monty Python sketches? [takes a step and winces, reaches down and picks up a handful of D&D dice] That's it! You're fired! Take your dice and your action figures with you! Push the button Frank.

\ | /
\ | /
---o--- Fwshhhhh!
/ | \
/ | \

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>Avid learner through
> all my years,
> including those yet to come as I crave challenge evermore.

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