First off, we don't think you need to go anywhere else for your humor needs. We here at Solitaire Rose Production have you covered. said that we are a funny site, and that should be good enough for you, you lazy bastards. But, there are a few other sites that make us laugh.

There are other sites out there that make us laugh, and the one we turn to the most is McSweeney's Internet Tendency. It's understated, bizarre and can confuse as often as it makes you laugh.

Almost the exact opposite is The Brunching Shuttlecocks. What does the name have to do with the site? Beats the hell out of us. But it has a lot of fun little timewasters and great movie reviews.

When Mystery Science Theater 3000 was cancelled, we were shocked into a state of mourning, but from the ashes has come the new site Timmy Big Hands. It uses the web the same way the used old movies, as a jumping off point for twisted, slightly more intelligent than average humor that isn't for everyone. But we like it, so you should too. Unless you're a moron, in which case you can't read THIS site any more.

We have heard that The Conversatron is a site that uses an artificial intelligence program to have faux celebrities answer questions from people. We have no idea of that's true or if it's just a bunch of people with a lot of spare time on their hands, but it's funny either way.

OK, we confess. Like moth buys who wear all black, read Neil Gaiman comic books and fancy themselves to be writers, Cory!! likes Tori Amos a lot. However, he also laughs himself sick at the site A Dent In Tori's Ass. Just go there and see that the art of making fun of people's pictures didn't die with your high school yearbook.

Do you hate your job as much as we do? Then you need to go to Customers Suck, which shows that things could be worse, you could be working directly with the general public.

I'm not going to spoil the joke, but if you have seen The Blair Witch Project, and the TV Show Bewitched, you have to see The Bewitched Project.

We all know when it happens. When something cool, or at least tolerable, starts to lose it's steam. Here at our website, we feel that happened about three days after the site was created, but for TV shows the phrase to know is Jump The Shark. Why? Because it's a website based on the Happy Days Episode when Fonzie jumped the shark on water skiis, and anyone who liked the show knew it was all over. This site tracks that indelable moment for other TV shows and has tons of fun reading.

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