What Google Says We Are Similar To

The best search engine anymore (unless you're one of those geeky bastards who goes to slashdot to find the latest and greatest which will be obsolete in about 20 minutes as a bunch of other geeks suddenly declare it uncool) is Google. The best thing about it is that there are more listings connected to our site than Match Game Alumni and Voice Actress Patti Deutch. In Your FACE Smurfette!


Google goes through sites connected to a site and tries to figure out what sites are similar to it. We first got listed back in January in our 6th month on the net, and they must have had us confused with some other site, since they said these sites were like ours:

Black Cupid Arts, which looks to be a site with a lot of women in odd constumes that Cory finds....exciting. At least we think he does, since he sends us out of the room when he looks at it.

Bloodfetish is some kind of vampire erotica site. That's twice we're connected to a semi-porno site. It would be funny if we didn't make sure that Cory is wearing pants whenever we have a photo shoot. OK, we make VERY sure he's wearing pants. Just between us, the blood tears on the splash page model is Extremely creepy, and anyone turned on by that needs to seek help.

Dead Air is a gothic radio station of some kind. We haven't listened to it since it threatens to play Gary Neuman. Maybe you'll like it. We're too busy listening to Mystery Science Theater 3000 songs.

The Matrix was a very cool movie. In fact Cory rates seeing it as about the best experience of his life, but no one really gives a rat's ass about that now. It's best not to ask him about it because he's still a bit depressed about the whole thing. Sentimental loser. Maybe he should get a swift kick in the ass. The odd thing is that Google think that our site is a lot like IT'S website. We don't think it's that good, but we don't mind being in the same company as it.

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