The heart and soul of Solitaire Rose Productions is the Weekly News Update, and depsite what you think, a lot of work goes into the news. We gather information from thousands of sourses, read hundreds of newspapers, and then distill it down into bite size portions that our attention deficit disordered audience can readily understand. Some of the sites we get our news from are listed below.

OK, the only newspaper we still use on a daily basis in the New York Times. Deal with it. It is the best at what is does.

When we need international news the only source worth reading is the BBC.

But, if you want to see other newspapers, there is still a clearing house site for them here. If they don't have it, it doesn't exist.

Now, we delve into the other parts of the news...sites that deal in things that reall only can be dealt with on the internet. The Smoking Gun is about the best at digging up actual paperwork about things in the news. The Obscure Store is a site that lists the weird news of the day, and kind of defies catagorization. We also check out The Urban Legends website when we get stories forwarded to us that seem too good to be true.


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