In Which Our Hero Gets A Pet Cat

As was mentioned in a few of the things on the site that no one seems to give much of a damn about, back in in the carefree bygone days November of 2001, Cory!! went to California. Some say he went because he was a few decades late for the Gold Rush. Others say he went for the love of a good woman. Still others say he went because he got lost on the way to Albequeque, but those are the people who watch the Cartoon Network for hours on end and we don't pay attention to them anyway.

But why he was there doesn't matter. All that matters is that he went there, drove a convertable Mustang and saw things that made him think that Houston might not be the most horrifying place on Earth.

While he was there, he ended up in LA and was shocked to find out that there might be crack and hookers available on the street. At discount rates. Of course, the drug dealers thought Cory!! needed a loan in order to simply buy glue, and most of the hookers said that they just wanted to be friends, but he's used to that by now. In fact, most fo the women who have said that they are his girlfriends have said that they liked their relationships a lot better when he gave them space. Usually about 500 to 750 miles worth of space.

However, while he was in Southern California, he found his soul mate. A woman who was attached to him on a deep personal level. Never mind that it was a cat. And it wasn't even his cat. It was a cat given to him to try and rehabilitate. You see, the cat didn't like people, was horribly abusive to those who tried to care for it and had a tendancy to destroy everything good around it.

Since Cory!! had those same tendancies, this person thought it might be a good idea to loan Cory!! the cat. Of course, all he could think of was that if he had something cute and furry on the plane with him he might be able to get free drinks and the phone numbers to lonely and easily manipulated women.

OK. He didn't get any free drinks. The rest he said he's not at liberty to say until the lawsuits are settled.

The person who loaned him the cat would call from time to time to see how that cat was doing, but eventually they quit calling for some reason. We're wondering if it was the sounds of the cat screaming for Guinness and Opium in the background as Cory!! would say that everything was fine.

Now the training period is over and the cat is a full-fledged part of the Solitaire Rose Family, pratrolling the grounds of the compound and screaming in the middle of the night for redheads and Scotch.

So. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Meet Fidget the Cat:

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