Frequently Asked Questions

As the vast Solitaire Rose Production empire grows and more and more people discover the magnificence of all of the Solitaire Rose Products (The Weekly News Update, Dronings, the fiction products, the upcoming action figure line, the overthrow of the status quo, Lousy Rat-Bastard cologne, our frozen "Bowl of cereal" breakfast line, and stalker tips) I get a lot of questions.

So, I looked at some websites that don’t have redheads on them for tips on how to handle it. It was hard for me at first, since they had things I don’t like dealing with, like words or information. I go on the net for girly pictures and theories about the Bavarian Illuminanti taking over the world by making those magnetic strips in our money emit mind controlling radio waves. But I noticed that they have these weird things called FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. I’m asked a lot of questions, so I’m gonna list them here:

All of these questions have the same answer.

I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

Thank you.

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