The Second Caption Contest

Well, the responce this time was a little better, but still no where as good as when we are sitting around making fun of Cory!! behind his back. I guess you have to be around the lousy rat bastard on a regular basis to truly appreciate the chance to make fun of him.

The idea was simple, mail in a caption to the picture and if it made Cory laugh, you got free crap. Of course, making Cory laugh is hard after he's been sedated, so we only had one winner.

And the Oscar Goes to:

Smithers, release the lousy rat bastard.  - Bill Young

Bill has won a box of crap from Cory's desk, a gift certificate to Starbucks and our undying contempt. Look upon his works and weep, since you could have sobered up and tried a little harder.

Those who didn't win, and deserve a boot to the head:

No! Your not getting out!  You got into Solitaire Rose Productions Studio, now we are going to keep you for the next 2112 years and make you listen to ABBA! Bwa-ha-ha. - Juli Schwab - the best looking entrant so far.

Give me the Jack Daniels or I'll jump. I'll do it, man! Don't think I won't!!! - Keith R.A. DeCandido

And now for a swan dive.... - Keith R.A. DeCandido

Does this make my butt look fat? - Keith R.A. DeCandido

And now I will demonstrate my flying powers, which I gained when I was bitten by a radioactive canary! - Keith R.A. DeCandido

Holy Moley, am I the only one who camps out for "Tella Tubbies On Ice" tickets? - Scott Gallatin

...straining at invisible chains... (and Man are they strong!) - Juli Schwab

I am the Priest of the Temple of Solitaire Rose Productions, all the gifts of life are held within these walls! - Juli Schwab

Attention all people of the Internet, we have assumed control, we have assumed control, we have assumed control.... - Juli Again. She must have less to do than I do.

NEW!!! Cory!! Strode action figures.  Comes complete with clothing that went out of style ten years ago, realistic hair that hasn't been washed since the Carter administration, and utter contempt for society!  The Cory!! Strode action figure, buy one, you lousy rat bastard - Bill Young

He stood outside of the local comic book store for days protesting the sale of Pokemon products but finally realized nobody cared. - Bill Young 

And on that fateful night, the homeless guy who screams stuff and waves his fists around was actually paralized with stagefright. - Bill Young 

And, on this spot.  We erect the seven foot tall Lousy Rat Bastard Monument. - Bill Young  

I'll huff, and puff, and Cough!  gag, HACK!!  ptoo! - Bill Young 

And now we return to the after school special, "Cory, the male prostitute nobody would solicit."  - Bill Young 

These flatulance powered hover-skis make me feel 11 feet tall. Ow, my ass is sore, where's my Guinness? - Silver Surfer Who works in the ubiquitous Guinness reference

My Guiness-sense is picking up someone drinking… lite beer. - Tazwert

Finding that his trusty butler, Jojo, has shut down the Cory!!cave, Strodeman flies into a rage of angst-ridden proportions not seen since last issue. - Tazwert

What do you mean ‘who’s your daddy’? They can’t prove anything. -Tazwert

Damn it! I dropped my cape again... - Tazwert

Look, I'm flying!! - A nice try by Craig Tucker

The Viagra ads said - 'Will make any prick bigger!'  Hey, wait a minute. . . . . . . . . . . .!!!!!!! - Rolf Gerdau

Look, I'm not flying!! - L. M. Lechner

I was expecting a Johnny Depp *huge sigh* Edward Scissorhands *sigh again* kind of guy and got some guy that can't even fly. - L. M. Lechner

Forget the raven haired beauties. Enough with the little Gothy-girls. I'M COMING OUT,BOYS!  - L. M. Lechner

Could someone please help me remove this door knob from my ass?" - Scott Nutter

And that's how they held me after I dropped the soap. -Guillaume Ouellette-Berruel

I am American, hear me roar. -Guillaume Ouellette-Berruel

Attempt #348 to be on Cops without wearing only a wife beater and boxers. -Guillaume Ouellette-Berruel Which conjures up a hideous image of Cory that made us all weep.

They told me life would be good. All that's left is dancing on the hood of a car and hope I get hurt. -Guillaume Ouellette-Berruel